Kimberly Jones -an African-Amerian prolific novelist, director, human rights activist, and brilliant thespian who has become a change-agent within the literary world and in the Black Lives Matter movement. She's a product by-way-of Chicago, Illinois. Inspired at the age of 6 her mother Lula Jones-Holt states, “young Kimberly was already making national news with her spoken words.” While in DC with her mom Kimberly was hanging out in the lobby with her older sister Angie, and a news crew came by to ask Angie her view on the US and Iran conflict. It was at that moment when young Kimberly interrupted, took the mic, and gave then-President Reagan advice on how to handle the current war. It was here an activist, writer, and lyricist was birthed.
A true pioneer to the arts Kimberly’s first love was music, and she longed to be a lyricist. She idolized powerhouse and Queens, New York native Roxanne Shontae. During that time Kimberly dreamt of even battle rapping Chicago native and Grammy Award Nominee Da Brat. With her strong desire to become a pillar in Hip-Hop, she then knew that the study of her craft would be important to her elevation in music. So, Kimberly decided to attend and graduate from The Chicago Academy For the Arts. There she studied music, theater, and dance. And Kimberly has charted her path due mainly to her efforts, passion, and pen to paper skills that she naturally possesses. Her body of work engulfed and demanded accolades that range from -(New York Times Positive Reviews, Nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work Youth/Teen. Also, she's a Nominee for the Georgia Author of the Year Award, Barnes and Noble YA Book Club selection, Big Library Read selection, and Book Shimmy Awards from Epic Reads). With these recognitions solidifying her work, they now serve as a catalyst and forward-thinking moment to help encapsulate the human rights of African-Americans by demanding justice, the powers the Consitution speaks of, for all Americans, which encompasses the equality for the black and brown communities.
She has given back by serving on many distinguished committees such as - (The Selection Committee for Library of Congress' National Ambassador for Young People's Literature and the Children's Choice Illustrator Committee for The Children's Book Council. She has been featured in Publisher's Weekly, School Library Journal, and was Book Brahmin in an issue of Shelf Awareness). Her best-seller, "I'm Not Dying with You Tonight," has sold out and is also number 1 on Amazon. Kimberly's love for books placed her in position as being the General Manager at " Little Shop of Stories" it was here she made history with implementing a literacy program for kids within impoverished communities. She's Co-Founder to Super Woman Squad -a collection of talented women that are directors, writers, and producers, here they write the vision and make it plain. Not only has she captivated the world of literature, but Kimberly has also played a pivotal role in the film industry. She has been positioned within the Tyler Perry Studios influencing productions with -Madea Family Reunion and I Can Do Bad All by Myself. She has also created the blueprint for the hit show Being Bobby and Whitney. Her love for the written word and world of films delves deeper into feeding the culture the most potent weapon -education.
Kimberly's most desired mission rests in the eyes of her talented son, which is one of the primary reasons she fights to break down the systemic barriers that are woven within the thread of our Constitution, and exacerbates police brutality with the permission of our government. Her 6-minute 45-second explanation for protesting, rioting, and looting, which has now gone viral, has given a much clearer "why." She explains disproportionate views on the -why who, and what. Her articulate portrait on the fight against African-American's in America sheds light on how the black community built America economically through Agriculture and Textile. Her video gives an example of why Black America is hurting. And Kimberly leaves us with a powerful quote that has rung throughout the world.
National Interview Platform Appearances: CNN-Brooke Baldin | You Tube Justice | Bear Witness, Take Action -Jemele Hill | BBC -Amanda Kirton | Hollywood Life -Marissa Hunter | Daily Mail | Steve Harvey | CBS -Jericka Duncan | Full Frontal -Samantha Bee, Mike Brown | The Daily Social Distancing Show -Trevor Noah | Joy Reid | LaTosha Brown | Yahoo! Life Unmuted
*With talks of “I’m Not Dying With You Tonight” going to the silver screen, so stay tuned
"They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality, not revenge!"


-Kimberly Jones

We believe all blacks can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


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